Audio Engineer

Creating, recording, and designing audio, SFX, and music for games and virtual environments


With over 8 years experience working in production and sound manipulation, audio has been a long standing passion of mine. Since starting out in high school I've turned my hobby into a profession focusing on audio in video games. Currently working in the Michigan State University Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab (GEL) on a daily basis I conceptualize, record, synthesize, mix, and design audio for games and research projects based around using virtual environments as tools. I also take part in many extra curricular student projects through the Michigan State University game development minor, hold talks for Spartasoft helping people who are interested in game development learn about audio in games and the process of getting a sound from nothing to properly implemented, and assist with the school's Wwise course helping students get familiar with audio middleware.



9871 Fishville rd. Grass Lake MI, 49240

1 (517) 358 3674

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